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The Beautiful Building Club is…

The Beautiful Building Club is a group that meets regularly to discuss the work of emerging architects, artists, writers and others concerned with the built environment. The Beautiful Building Club is an opportunity for speculative, incipient, potential or impossible practices to impregnate professionally- or academically-grounded discourse on architecture; it is a casual alternative to institutionalized forms of architectural production and reproduction; it is a device for the re-arrangement of architectural desires; and it is a playground for consideration of all things architectural. Meetings of the Beautiful Building Club are open to all and are intended to sponsor useful, pleasurable and/or sublime conversation for the illumination and delight of all in attendance. The Beautiful Building Club plays both home and away games; at home it meets in a shifting series of venues in and around Detroit and at the Detroit Unreal Estate Agency School of Architecture’s satellite campus in Ann Arbor, while away it organizes meetings at the invitation of new or distant friends.